Story Time 76: A brand new year

Story Time 76 - A brand new year

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. Hello, 2022! It begins as you might expect, with isolation and covid tests (as well as covid Tests). Does Adam have a strong argument for the greatest match ever played? Has Geoff unravelled a unique clue about David Clarence Boon? Let's go via Faisalabad, visit one of the greatest dashers, after starting with an apt connection to the Sydney Cricket Ground. Happy New Year.

Please vote for Brick Lane in the Beer Hottest 100

They deserve it, and the voting is here.

The Final Word Live - maybe?

Still selling tickets for January 12 in Melbourne and hoping we will go ahead.

Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week:

2.41 - Bhargav GNV & Vijay

3.45 - Craig Moore, Darcy Matthews & Mark Stein

3.01 - Scott Lamprecht

28.01 - Richard Jansz-Moore

14.45 - Terry Hogan

5.67 - Andrew Turner