Story Time 74: On the nature of death in the Buffy universe

Story Time 74 - On the nature of death in the Buffy universe

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. This week, a sequence of unfortunate timing with some of our numbers - but here's your proof that we don't mess with the spreadsheet. We cover a bit of Lord Gower, the all-round skills of Jolet Hartenhof, when someone was better than Bradman, and the propensity of cricketers to get on the darts. Also don't miss our Aerosmith Broadway production with Derek Pringle.

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Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week:

4.80 - Jono Haylen

3.86 - Steve Dodkin & Brian Stratford

2.15 - Duncan Davies & Bryan R. Caine

6.52 - Dominic Bowes

6.14 - Nikhil Venkatesh

5.01 - James