Story Time 73: On the discovery of yet another Marsh

Story Time 73 - On the discovery of yet another Marsh

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. This week, a partially hidden Marsh whose work we have never touched on before. Not Jack, Geoff, Rod, Mitchell or Shaun. Also, back to Betty Wilson and Una Paisley, a visit to Brisbane's combination Lord Mayor and pitch curator, and Wasim in the pub in Manchester.

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January 12 in Melbourne: tickets here

Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week:

3.69 - Steve Moore

3.82 - Julian King

6.04 - Jeffrey Gabriel

4.54 - Chris Unwin

2.60 - Rob Taylor

4.14 - Sam Ashworth

1.51 - Brendan Legg

6.28 - Declan Lawlor