Story Time 72: Laurie Nash and the hat-trick ball

Story Time 72 - Laurie Nash and the hat-trick ball

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. This week, Daniel Norcross joins the show once again as Adam (read, Winnie) deals with jetlag, allowing the show to start with World War II and take a wintry perambulation through the fields of Daniel's imagination. We have some splendid parts of the story of Laurie Nash, the feats of two direct-hit specialists at cover, another peer through the smoky haze at Dion Nash, and the history of the Tamworth Big Golden Guitar. Plus, New Zealand's special secret...

Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week:

2.12 - Darren Smith

1.06 - Jake Cunliffe

6.66 - Graham Jones

2.50 - Sam Brown

4.20 - Peter Tattersall

2.68 - Guy Hornsby

4.18 - Ed and Jamo