Story Time 71: Oversized shorts and a filthy polo

Story Time 71 - Oversized shorts and a filthy polo

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. Back from the hospital, stitched up and ready to run, here is the second part of our Revisits Only show to clean the slate before launching into the Australian summer. Adam is on a plane to Australia, Geoff will head to Brisbane shortly. And this episode was recorded before Tim Paine fell to an ill-advised stroke, so you won't hear about that here. You will hear about some other moments of impulsiveness, a debut rearguard, a first date made possible by Adam Gilchrist, and one of the most spiteful series ever played that is massively underrated in the shithousery stakes. As well, of course, as a very special night in Canberra.

Featuring Nerd Pledge revisits for:

13.90 – Anthony Radford

1.80 - Chris Clarke

3.18 - Thilo Fob

4.60 - Robert Dinsbury Dinsey

6.26 - Jack Firth

2.00 - Jack Frantz

4.60 - Michael Fallon

2.43 - Simon Ward

1.54 - Shane Fagg

2.36 - Keiron Costello

3.83 - Jayaprakash