Story Time 70: Geoff fell off his bike again

Story Time 70 - Geoff fell off his bike again

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. On ep 70, we planned to clear the decks and get through ever revisit in a BUMPER edition until Geoff had another bike accident before we had a chance to record part two. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Before that we did visit the dustbowl of Pune, returned the white-ball debuts of a couple of Aussie stars and re-lived some memorable moments from the beloved annual one-day tri-series. Further back in time, the day when it all fell apart for Sonny Ramadhin, Robert Croft’s finest hour and the origin of that defiant roar: QUEENSLANDER. Much, much more to come next week.

Featuring Nerd Pledge revisits for:

3.33 – Bernie Prins

3.21 – Tom Fisher

19.10 – Anna Forsyth

4.19 – Dan Walsh

4.71 – Andrew Gilbertson

3.10 – Amelia Vine

6.64 – Adam in Vanuatu (not anymore)