Story Time 69: Nice

Story Time 69 - Nice

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. On ep 69, it's time to follow the guidance of Missy Elliott: lay it down, flip it, and reverse it. We did consider doing the show backwards and forwards at the same time, but eventually went for the chronologically conventional. Still, given how much we enjoyed exploring some deep partnership data, more North American gallivanting, a meeting of wagering enthusiasts, a mid-match vanishing act, and the activities on Don Bradman's honeymoon, we trust that this episode will stay true to its name by giving us pleasure at the same time as doing so for you.

Your new Nerd Pledge numbers:

3.21 - Pat Rodgers & Tom Fisher

3.57 - Rob Sinclair

19.32 – David Jones

4.71 - Andrew Gilbertsão

1.37 - Joel Crosby

8.55 - Alasdair Townsend