Season 11, Ep 2: No, FFS, they won’t cancel the Ashes

No, FFS, they won't cancel the Ashes

Season 11, Ep 2: It's all we keep hearing about - will the Ashes happen? Spoiler alert: yes. We already have early season sightings of trademarked Ashes Bantz, dragging themselves from hibernation and buzzing obnoxiously into view. What are some better things to talk about? India's women bossed their Test match against Australia but ran out of time to press for a win. Sound familiar? Five days please!

Then it's time for our feature interview with the lovely Phillip Brown. Best known on the internet as Dudley Platypus, Browny is an Australian-English hybrid and one of the world's best cricket photographers, someone who has spent the best part of 35 years going to the opposite end of the ground as everyone else, sitting in 50-degree heat, and watching every delivery to make sure he doesn't miss a shot. Now he's collected his best photos in a book, and talks us through our favourites.

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