Season 10, Ep 22: The Final Word with Maeva Douma

The Final Word with Maeva Douma

Season 10, Ep 22: She wowed the world last week with her four run-outs of the non-striker while bowling for Cameroon. Now she's chatting with The Final Word: a little bit shy, and just home from school. Maeva Douma is joined by her national vice-captain, Cynerah Dibande, to translate from French.

Also this week: New Zealand cancels a men's tour of Pakistan at the 11th hour, and (in real time as we were recording the show) England announced they would follow suit for both their men's and women's teams. Yeesh. Virat Kohli quits as T20 captain for India and in the IPL, and there's a big wrap of women's international cricket around the world.

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