Story Time 62: The bumper comeback 10-wicket clearance show

Story Time 62 - The bumper comeback 10-wicket clearance show

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. Today: Adam is back properly, so we get stuck into the revisits that have been piling up during some otherwise busy weeks. Bags of ten wickets, bags of dodgy cash, and bags with Alex Hales - we've got the whole gamut covered. Then doubling back over pears, plums, and The New Pringle. Plenty of fun in an extra-long show.

Your new Nerd Pledge numbers:

3.99 - Jimit Raja

3.25 - Christopher Stock

10.45 - Michael Fallon

10.53 - James Melinson

6.67 - Jeremy Nash

3.59 - Rituraj