Season 10, Ep 16: The Final Word with John Doyle / Roy Slaven

The Final Word with John Doyle / Roy Slaven

Season 10, Ep 16: No surprise that the work of Roy & HG has informed the comic sensibility of the Final Word. The voice behind Rampaging Roy Slaven joins the show, in a roundabout way, having spoken to Geoff for a Guardian interview that we thought TFW listeners would like to hear in full.

Also this week: the ICC confirms it will try to get cricket into the 2028 LA Olympics, and onwards. A huge shift in policy. We speak to acting CEO Geoff Allardice about how that came about. Plus the shambles of England's Test approach after the first India match, and the shambles of Australia's T20 thrashing in Bangladesh. Tigerland!

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