Season 10, Ep 11: Ben Stokes and The Replacements

Ben Stokes and The Replacements

Season 10, Ep 11: Remember when England's whole team got COVID? Or something like that, we're not big on detail. That's why we've got Will Macpherson on the show to tell us about England having to quarantine an entire squad who caught the bug at home, after pulling out of various trips overseas to avoid catching the same. How did it happen, what's happening, and why weren't more hilarious selections made among the Replacements.

Also: Mithali Raj and either the go-slow or the champion's perfect pace, depending which way you see it. Jimmy Anderson gets 1000 first-class wickets. Pavel Florin takes a stack in T20s as Romania runs the table. Ollie Robinson's case gets closed. And everyone loves a review these days - Justin Langer and his players face up to an independent look at his coaching style.

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