Story Time 44: Ravi Shastri goes nuclear

Story Time 44: Ravi Shastri goes nuclear

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. Today: an alliterative match whose final day was unexpectedly spectacular. The only player with a perfect record, nestled within an imperfect record. The return story of one of the most prolific, and diminutive, of all time. Plus our regular rounds through dusty old bastardry and Bannermania.

Also, this is the last episode of The Final Word Season 9! Luckily Season 10 starts next week.

Your new Nerd Pledge numbers:

1.63 – John McPheat
3.04 – Simon Butcher & Osman Bahemia
13.13 – Rob
3.55 – Matt Gaynor

Plus revisits and confirmations.