Story Time 41: From No-Man’s-Land to Test Cricket

Story Time 41: From No-Man's-land to Test Cricket

Light and shade, in cricket as it is in life. So, on Story Time this weekend, learn about the batsman who spent three days presumed dead in no-man's-land only to become an unexpected Test cricketer 15 years later. Stick around to hear about WG's highest Test score and one of Jack Hobbs' finest hours. A classic Scottish name comes later, likewise a 1984 thriller. We also mark a place for a double that'll never be forgotten at Tallangatta CC. 

Your new Nerd Pledge numbers:

5.01 – Mark Henderson
2.58 – Abhilash Singh
3.85 – Ethan Morgan
3.52 – Pat McKeon
1.70 – Cameron Allen
7.27 – Elia Andrews
4.10 - Bernie Prins

Plus revisits and confirmations.