Story Time 39: David Boon on the 8 Mile

Story Time 39: David Boon on the 8 Mile

Our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. Today: what happens when Boony's biggest secret is revealed? Who slides into the Old Spinner category late in the piece? And a week after the most ridiculous scorecard we've yet discovered, a Bannerman that gives it a run for its money. We'll uncover the true story of Milo, the link between Steve Waugh and Paulan Umrigar, and the England XI that went on to run the world even though it didn't at the time.

Your new Nerd Pledge numbers:

3.09 – Rob Richardson & Joel Burton
4.84 – President Richard Bond McNally
5.08 – Mel Shawley & Chris Unwin
5.57 – Will Cuckson
6.56 – Chris Unwin again?!
2.43 – One of the Tom Stewarts

Your new Julio Pledgers:

Walter Fagen
Shyam Sundaraman
Andrew Barker
Hannah Edmonds
Divyanshu Agrawal
Sean Williamson
Pankaj Challa
Devashish Das
The Rev. Dylan Nichols

Plus revisits and confirmations.