Season 9, Ep 25: The Final Word goes to Brazil

The Final Word goes to Brazil

Season 9, Ep 25: You may not associate Brazil with cricket. You may not know that 14 women recently won the country's first central contracts. But the game has been afoot in Brazil for some time, using innovative ways to help cricket take root rather than being transplanted from overseas, and in the process helping young Brazilians from disadvantaged places. It's one hell of a tale, and we're joined by national captain Roberta Moretti and Cricket Brasil head Matt Featherstone to tell it.

Also this week: Afghanistan work hard to win a Test against Zimbabwe, while also becoming an unlikely bargaining chip between Channel Seven and Cricket Australia. South Africa's women and England's men put on a stirring display in limited-overs matches in India. And our humble show passes the 2 million mark.

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