Season 9, Ep 23: Somebody please beat the Breakers

Somebody please beat the Breakers

Season 9, Ep 23: NSW win the 50-over comp every bloody year, but just for a moment the Breakers are fifth. Enjoy the novelty. This week we go back and forth over the Tasman for a range of formats, with some Shield corkers and some T20 madness, some men's games and some women's, some England and New Zealand and India and Australia, as well a detour to Abu Dhabi for Afghanistan and Zimbabwe and their future on free to air. What else? Javed Miandad’s I ❤️ NY hat, Keith Miller's trip to the opera, and of course our old mate Charles Bannerman and those he inspires. It’s another sprawling weekly episode of The Final Word.

Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week:

2.11 – Rahul V
2.67 – Daniel Dabney
7.60 – Stewart Beamont