Season 8, Ep 2: The Final Word with Nasser Hussain

Season 8, Ep 2. Nasser Hussain. He’s known for Karachi in the dark, for the toss at Brisbane, for Hansie’s leather jacket, so we talked about none of these things.

For over an hour we sat down and talked about everything else: about the boy who played in India’s Chepauk stadium but went on to captain England, about the teenage leg-spinner who was forced to change arts, about the young hothead who became a shrewd tactician. About rebuilding a broken side, building a team that went on to great things, then becoming one of the most respected commentators in the game.

Nasser was as forthright and thoughtful as you might expect if you’ve seen him interview anyone else. Listen through for a memorable Final Word.

Our Nerd Pledge numbers for this week are:

3.29 (from Alan)
5.59 (from Richard Johnson)
4.03 (from Will Sandford)

Guess away. Our answers are in the episode.