Season 8, Ep 1: Sunrise in Lockdown

Season 8, Ep 1. That’s right, it’s time for a new Final Word season. A season in which very little cricket may be played, but much cricket will be played in our hearts. A season in which the real cricket will be the friends we make along the way. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined in to support the show in the last week. We’ll keep doing it. 

One of the best pastimes in isolation has been watching the new documentary series The Test, a view from within the Australian men’s team in the 18 months after the sandpaper affair. Series director Adrian Brown joins Adam to tell how the show came to exist. 

Also, have you ever wondered what someone sounds like trying to talk beneath a layer of custard? Geoff can demonstrate. Adam is in full UK lockdown. Daniel Norcross is reworking the dystopian alternate ending to World War II. Winnie is extremely vocal. Cat Cricket is sweeping the internet. Sachin Tendulkar has some birthday wishes. Shane Warne owns a gin company. The people cry in one voice for the 2005 Ashes. The man behind Robelinda2 emerges as the people’s champion. There’s Nerd Pledge, letters, and more.  

Our Nerd Pledge numbers for this week are: 

2.03 (from James Moosh) 

3.69 (from Jake Garlick 

2.21 (from Andrew Gilbertson) 

3.29 (from Dane Hansted) 

Guess away. Our answers are in the episode.