1: The Final Word with Glenn Maxwell

At last. After years of distant admiration, the patron saint of the Final Word has made a visitation. Glenn Maxwell, on the eve of a World Cup in which he's one of the biggest stars, took a moment out to sit down with Adam and Geoff in a Bristol garden, take a breath, and take stock of his life so far.

"You want to show people that you're a real person, and not just a 20-foot flag outside the MCG."

"If my career ended tomorrow I'd be ok. I'd be able to find other avenues in my life where I'd still get the same joy."

"I don't understand how I'm able to hit sixes."

"That was literally everything I could have dreamed of as a kid, happening in front of my eyes."

Funny, generous, and thoughtful, this is a cricketer who everyone has watched, showing a side that not many people would have got to know.