World Cup Daily: Day 1 to Day 7

Geoff and Adam wrap up all the play from Day 7 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup that featured matches between India and South Africa and New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Everything you need to know from a rain-shortened session in Cardiff.

One of the great high-scoring matches, with a record World Cup chase set for the world's highest-scoring team. Pakistan always do Pakistan things. We know it's a cliche, but they just keep doing it. After getting smashed by the West Indies, they've hit back with a fierce challenge to England.

Drama at Trent Bridge!

Geoff and Adam have the rundown.

Bangladesh took on South Africa at the Oval in London on Day Four, with a massive crowd of supporters. We've been waiting a while for a close game, and we got one.

Not many people have tipped Bangladesh to go far in this tournament, but they might have a few more supporters now.

This episode of The World Cup Daily comes to you from Vauxhall Street.

Day 3 comes to you from the back of a car on the motorway from Bristol, after the first double header of the World Cup.

Australia had their first hit-out of the Cup against crowd favourites Afghanistan, while a Green Mamba arose for the contest, very short contest, in Cardiff between New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan and West Indies: two teams without a lot of backers, but that might change after this performance. Both needed to get their World Cup off to a good start.

Adam and Geoff can bring you the short and sweet version of a short and sweet game.

England might have been nervous ahead of their home World Cup opener, but were trying not to show it as they headed to The Oval to face South Africa.